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Apr 28 16 9:22 AM

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Had a game of DKK recently (see entry 21/4/16 at ) and few issues arise with contradictions in rules/QRS which seem to have no answers on forum so wondering how those currently (?) using DKK play ?

1. Rules clearly state that units Test Morale after suffering 10% of original strength however all versions of QRS I can find say test at 25% suffered in single turn ??
Personally I now think it's 10% with -2 for reaching 25% but not clear

2. When do units Reform from Unformed/Falter ?
Rules again clearly state unit Reforms at Start or End respectively of NEXT movement phase but QRS state Reform after 1 full TURN of inactivity ? 
If a unit Falters when trying to charge does it 'skip' 2 move phases and reform at end of movement phase of following turn or does it reform at end of movement phase of same turn ?
However when a unit that Tests Morale at end of turn for shooting casualties and suffers a Falter it would seem to Reform at end of Movement phase of following turn which in this case is also next movement phase.
Unclear as to intent of rules here?

3. Melee outcomes supercede need for seperate Morale Test at end of turn but if a Brigade Test is required does its result supercede Melee outcome ?
EG a Cav unit wins a Melee and its Pursuit test yields a must pursue or uncontrolled charge result, however a Brigade a Test on its Brigade yields a Retire result for Brig which outcome takes effect ? 

I feel it is a real pity that DKK has such poor online support as it is a good set of rules but so in need of a FAQ and Erratta. 

I don't have a background in GDB (only Deluxe) from which I suspect a lot of rules are copy/pasted so don't know if these issues are resolved/exsist therein ?

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May 4 16 9:23 PM


Great to see your post in this forum.  I agree that it is sad that there isn't more support here.  But I am happy to reply to your post, no matter how poor my answers may be!

My games usually involve younger players, so I do my best not to get too bogged down with things.  For morale, I have a counter that indicates a unit has suffered 10% casualties in that one turn so that we remember to do the check at the end.  Then we use the factors as you mentioned.

As for reforming and shaking off a falter, we play that it's done at the end of the next movement phase as long as the unit didn't shoot or move prior to that.

I would say that a brigade's failure to pass morale would trump any other actions, so all the units would be forced to retire together.

I am not an expert on these rules, but that's my input for what it's worth.

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