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May 5 16 8:12 PM

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Hi Dave: I appreciate you must be immersed in Pickett's Charge right now but [email protected] remains a favourite at Sons of Simon De Montfort club, with a couple of games a month plus a whole day game every 2/3 months. Last night we had a situation where a column was caught in flank by a charge. In the ensuing melée it finished a draw. We then wondered if the -4 applied to the 2nd round, as by then we would have felt the scrum would have changed shape with everyone of the defenders engaged. The rules appear silent on this, in which case we applied the -4 again, which appeared a tad harsh. What should we have done? Thanks Barry
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General de Division

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May 6 16 8:55 AM


Only apply the flank/rear negative for the first round.

Having somehow survived they now deserve every benefit they can get in the 2nd round!

Glad you're enjoying GaG!!


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