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May 20 16 9:00 AM

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As a fan of GdB for several years now, finally got around to a full review and summary of the rules on my blog. FYI....


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May 20 16 7:25 PM

Good review for the most part and enthusiastic. Not all of it rings true though...

"The GdB forum is also well populated. David Brown frequently screens questions and all of the veterans of the system fully support the game."

Dave Brown does indeed field questions and there the umbilical chord with reality is cut my friend.

Reality check number one might be a tough read but the veterans are a sparse & mute crowd at best.

Bring on General D'Armee and a new website/forum.


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May 23 16 8:06 AM

Bonjour Chaps,

I've now had a chance to look at the review and think it's both fair and helpfully succinct.

I support what JJ said about the veterans being rather absent from the forum at times and that is sometimes the case.

More generally though I reckon that a number of stalwarts contribute often enough to keep the forum alive and to inform and inspire.

Always good to get more input on questions and more battle reports though and I hope to help with the latter after a couple of battles being fought this weekend!



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May 27 16 7:25 AM

a very interesting review....
and about this item :
Due to the time scale, firefights (in contrast to melees) take an incredible amount of time to sort themselves out. A couple of infantry lines volleying it out may take a full hour or longer before one side retires or retreats. ''

I noted the same too.....then what ''house rule'' have you incorporated ?


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May 28 16 10:02 PM

Hi Michele......about firefights between units in line taking a while to sort might be my own personal hangup.......pure firefights at close range might also be reflected in melees, according to the author's definition of melee. A protracted engagement at longer range also may well be desired in order to pin an enemy force.

For a situation in which a unit wishes to move up to short range and overwhelm an enemy unit with musketry instead of charging, I'm toying with the idea of establishing "point blank" range of 5 cm carrying a +1 modifier and an automatic morale check for any units that suffered casualties at this range......moving up to 5 cm range also should not be automatic.......requires a formation change test.

I haven't tested the above house rule yet.....but think the above would simulate more of a true firefight between lines if one side or the other wished to get a quicker result. What do you think?

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#5 [url]

May 31 16 10:03 AM

Hi Sean,
your house rule seems to me rather complicated and the morale test about firing is not so easy to fail.... smiley: devil
Anyway it's necessary to test it on tabletop for definitive response !!!
THANK YOU FOR sharing it...

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