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Jun 15 16 7:14 AM

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Hi everyone,
does anyone use battalion guns in their games?
many years ago I bought a stack of freikorps 3pdr guns and before I get rid off them, just thought I would ask..
i know the rules have optional rules for representing them on the table, but apart from the visual representation, do they actually have a separate fire etc?
i can't see that in the rules but it's been a while since I read them...

secondly, has anyone mixed eureka prussians with old glory?
i have read that they are larger ( especially the cavalry) but it would be great to see a photo or two
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I'm looking at getting some battalion guns to go with my Eureka Saxons for use in the French theatre. I think I am looking at 4pdr French Swedish type.
Anyone know where I can get some compatable with the Eureka figures?
From the rules (from memory) the battalion guns factors are incorporated into the units so add only visual appeal. I dont believe they class as a seperate unit either. (Must try and find where I put my rule book.)

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