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Jun 18 16 3:08 PM

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Hi all.
Beginners question, I'm afraid. Whilst still waiting delivery of some reference material, I've been using the net to find info on uniforms, equipment etc.
Looking at a regular line company, I now know the centre companies had the red/white plume, the light had a green plume, and the grenadiers had an all white plume. However, I have come across plates and photos of miniatures that show Regimental Ensigns with both all-White plumes and some with white/red.
Did it vary from regt to regt or are some of the images wrong? I'm assuming Sergeants plumes matched the individual company they were part of?
I'm painting up a regt as The 23rd foot, 1815, if that makes a difference.
thanks in advance.
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Jun 18 16 5:15 PM


Happy Waterloo day!

Just thought that you might find this link to the Mont Saint Jean Waterloo uniform website of help:

I find it indispensable.

Just a word of warning to someone just beginning on their uniform reference journey in that I find it really frustrating when different sources conflict and you may do too!

On the other hand you can just go choose the version you like most!



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Jun 18 16 9:26 PM

Thanks for the swift replies, yes, the contradictions are going to be a real pain for me. And seeing as I'm half way through painting my first regiment, they will no longer be the 23rd!!   :(


Edit to add : just been doing some more net trawling and your link Paul, shows the 23rd as having red and white hackles, but a list of hackle colours on another site has them as all white!   And according to said list, not all fusiliers had all white!  Going to paint mine pink and God help the first opponent that argues.  ;)

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Jun 30 16 2:03 PM

Hi John,

I have done some research on this topic and have found the following information about the three fusilier regiments (7th, 21st and 23rd); all companies wore wings as depicting an elite battalion, the grenadier and battalion companies had white plumes,  and mixed results as to whether or not the light companies wore a green plume. 

Even though some sources stated that that all companies were elite and therefor did not need distinctions other sources refer to flank companies (depending on the regiment) as the right flank company and the left flank company and still other state that there was a light company.  There is much information indicating that at least one company was used in the light company role.  Several artists renditions show the the light companies with green plumes.

I have to dash but if you have other questions please do not hesitate to pose them.



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