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Jul 18 16 12:10 PM

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After our gaming group has played General de Brigade for some years , 
I was very happy when I heard about 
Mr. D.Browns large battles Napoleonic . Maybe a question directly to 
Mr. D.Brown? Anyone know the ratio, 
the scales are 
in and there is something about the 
date of release?


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General de Division

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Jul 18 16 6:31 PM


General d'Armee is the working title - rules are currently being worked on/play tested.

Designed for larger battles than GdeB, using significantly different mechanisms - but still with the battalion, etc., as the tactical unit.

Will follow on from Picketts Charge ACW rules.


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Jul 22 16 5:14 AM

And here's another one looking forward to General d'Armee ... even if the spelling is a little suspect!  smiley: eek  

smiley: laugh

von Peter himself

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