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Aug 10 16 2:11 PM

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Hi,  I have recently purchased  PGDeluxe and played my first game.  I have some questions regarding close assault.
I have searched the forum for answers but could not find anything - so any advice is helpful.  I have not played either of the two previous versions.

1. I assume Platoon Commanders do not have a ranged/shoot attack capability (affects their close assault options)
2. Do Platoon Commanders fight in close assault within 1" of enemy counting as a normal full strength section (I am tempted to penalise them as per gun crews)
3. Do anti-tank teams/sections count as a full strength section in close assault (penalise as no.2)

I have finally found a set of workable 15mm rules that are more than glorified skirmish rules and am looking forward to playing more games with these rules.

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Aug 10 16 7:43 PM


1. I agree platoon Commanders do not have a ranged attack, but do count as sections in close combat.
2. Yes HQs count as section
3. Anti tank teams are only penalised if they make up 50% or more of those sections engaged in close combat. ( this does not apply if the enemy are AFVs ).


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General de Division

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Aug 11 16 8:46 AM


Glad you like the rules!

Tony is spot on.

1. PCs don't have a ranged attacked as their job is to command and not shoot, (though they probably have a few SMG's, etc between them).
2. PCs are assumed to be more determined in close assault, leading from the front and combined with their SMG's, etc., are classed as one section. (Though I can see where you're coming from and could count as gun crews for lone combats, etc.)
3. As per Tony's reply.


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