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Aug 16 16 3:38 PM

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Hi all-- We ran a fun game of the October Saratoga battle, but were left with some questions. Apart from the hapless Breymann, who is on hold orders, there's nothing as to the orders status of the other commands. It makes a big difference if Fraser (or any other British brigade) is allowed to choose his order status at the beginning of the game. My understanding is the British were advancing, but the victory conditions are fall back and try not to loose your a**. We kinda made it up as we went along--was that the designer's intention? Regards, Tim W.
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Sep 7 16 8:52 PM

in general where the orders are not specified in these scenarios it's leaving the choice to the players. I think in order to be faithful to the historic situation, Fraser and Riedesel should really be on Engage orders. After all, they start the game engaged in a reconnaissance in force. With the Americans I think you need to be pretty ruthless and get them on Assault ASAP,

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