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Aug 25 16 11:34 AM

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Has anyone got any ideas how I could lay my hands on free (if possible)scenarios/oobs for smaller actions ie Brigade/Divisional level rather than Corps.
I do have a reasonable ACW set up but do not always have the time/energy for the larger game.
I can put up an 8' to 12' x 6'  max and fight in 25/28mm
Any help with this will be gratefully received.

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General de Division

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Sep 1 16 7:47 AM


Probably not free but there was a series done by George Anderson - Across a Deadly Space; Bullets & Dirt; Rebel Yell & Yankee Hurrah and Kirby Smiths Confederacy.

But not sure of their current availability.


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Sep 2 16 4:19 PM

OOBs etc

Thanks for the replies,have found a number of these items at the Wargames Vault and have purchased enough to keep me going for quite a while although many of the scenarios are on the larger side,was looking for 10-12 units a side games,a good evening/short days game(Age is catching up with me and I find I cannot do the 8hr marathons I used to do as a 'youngster' :)
Again thanks

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Sep 6 16 11:51 AM

Try the Charles Grant scenario books, such as 'Programmed Wargames Scenarios', 'Scenarios for Wargames', or 'Scenarios for all Ages' . They are generic and usually have an interesting twist.

His father's "Table Top Teasers," some of which can be used for ACW, are available at this link.


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