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Aug 29 16 12:49 PM

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Hi everyone,
my group is looking at doing some 28mm spanish for the peninsular.
one person has 28mm perry French so we are looking at something that fits in.
front rank spanish look a bit large?
has anyone used brigade games spanish? How do they compare in size?
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Aug 31 16 3:19 PM


I've got some Brigade Games Spanish and would get some more but not always easy in Europe to do so.

I've also got Elite Spanish infantry and Front Rank artillery and dragoons.

One the whole they look fine in different units but maybe not in the same one.

May be worth having a look at Eagle Figures too?



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Nov 18 16 8:50 AM

You should also have a look at Offensive Miniatures.  The range is quite small (essentially limited to early Pennisular war infantry) but they fit nicely with Perries.

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