Sep 21 16 5:40 PM

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Hi Lads played are first Crimean game last night with the rules ,

 And we where all shocked how easy it is for units to pass unit morale , ! 
why is there no modifiers for casualty suffered in charge ! units has suffered 10% 25% ,50% ? none of these are in the rules !

there is very little  Negative factors in the rules ! \but you can get LOT of Positive.   
 c in c with in 12" +1 
,brigade gen attached +2 ,
the class steady +1, vet +2 and Elite +3
 theres  a GOOD PLUS   4  for a normal line unit to charge IN right lets see if i can roll 3 or more on 2 D6 ..smiley: happy  

The next game we play we will use General de Brigade Morale  

Skirmish firer am i right in thinking its 1 dice PER BASE not 1 dice per figure as in the rules , 

Happy gaming lads Dave.v