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Oct 1 16 2:17 PM

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Hi all 

I am new to the forum and received my copy of the rules today.

This may be a stupid question, but on browsing the scenario for Sainte Foy, pages 111 to 114 the French army stats on page 114 give strengths followed by another figure in brackets eg, The Royal Roussillon 24 (32) (1)

i can't seem to find an explanation for this.

Claification would be much appreciated.

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Oct 2 16 9:26 PM

Hi Keith

   The first number s the actual figs you have on the table so 24 figs, then the number in () are the number figs in the unit for firing and melee and Morale .

So the royal Roussillon  regiment will have 24 figs ON the table BUT they will fire as a 32 fig unit , and fight that way and Morale as well so they need to loss 4 Figs for a morale test smiley: happy! in stead of 3 figs for a 24 fig unit ,

I think this is to represent the 3 rank Line tactic of the time so french and early war German units will be like this smiley: happy 

Happy gaming dave.

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