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Oct 17 16 3:28 AM

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Being rather new to the rules, our group had our first instance of someone rolling double 6's in a direct fire resolution.  There was some difference in interpretation of what "a minimum result of Dispersed" meant.  I'll give you the details (as briefly as possible) of the incident so the question is clearer.

A PzKfw IVH fires at an infantry target occupying a BUA.  The tank rolls an unmodified 12 on his To Hit roll.  The total DRM's of -3 give a final modified result of 9, which is a hit.  Looking at the Direct Fire Results Table, a 9 on the 3 Sections Row (75mm gun) indicates a Disengage x 1 + Suppression x1 result.  Units potentially effected by the shot were 1 already suppressed Rifle section, 1 normal Rifle section, and 1 Bazooka section.

The issue in question is whether the double six roll means the end result is 1 automatic Dispersed, 1 Disengage test, and 1 Suppression test, or does the automatic Dispersed result take the place of one of the 2 tests listed on the chart?  After some discussion, our group ruled that the automatic Dispersed result would apply to the main target of the attack, since that target must take the first listed result.  In this case, it would mean the the automatic Dispersed result would take the place of the Disengage test, and that one of the two remaining sections would need to take a Supression test.  Is this a correct interpretation?  Does the auto Dispersed result replace the first listed result on the Direct Fire Table?  Or is it in addition to the listed results?  We based our decision on the wording of "minimum result" as opposed to "extra result".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Nov 14 16 11:06 AM


Very sorry for the slow reply - I missed this one!Wink02

Fortunately that's exactly what's intended, its not an extra result, but as you state the main target will be dispersed (instead of the disengage test), the remaining tests are farmed out on other units as normal.


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