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Jan 16 17 12:21 PM

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Hi all, another novice question from me, I'm afraid!
ive just been looking up the 27th (Inniskillings) Rgt. , at the time of Waterloo, ready to paint my next regiment. I was already aware of facings colour, but I've just found a plate showing all equipment straps also in light buff. Is this correct, as all other sources (admittedly mostly painted miniatures) shows light buff facings but white equipment straps.
Any help appreciated.

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Jan 18 17 6:21 AM

John C.,

I'll take a shot at your question. 

Short answer is WHITE leather pack straps and cross belts for the 27th (Inniskilling) Foot.  

I too have a 15mm battalion of the 27th Foot in my British forces. I painted the leather cross belts of the soldiers in my 27th battalion white; just like all the rest of my British heavy infantry soldiers. One of my source books, "Uniforms of Waterloo in Colour" by Philip Haythornthwaite, Plate 12, shows the sergeant of the light company, 27 (Inniskilling) Regiment with clearly white leather pack straps and cross belts. Another of my source books, "1815 The Armies of Waterloo" by Ugo Pericoli, Plate 101, shows a sergeant major and a sergeant of the 27th (Inniskilling) grenadier company also with white pack straps and cross belts. In the descriptions of all British heavy infantry, such as the 27th Foot, the differences are detailed but never have I found that the leather pack straps and cross belts were anything but white. Black is the only other color I can find for pack straps and cross belts; such as rifle infantry.

John, I suspect the artist that you are referencing using buff colored leather was trying to show the leather as weathered and not recently chalk whited. Such would not be the case when soldiers were freshly turned out in garrison on parade. I may be wrong here, but I believe a white chalk block was one of the issued items expected to be in the soldier's back pack.

Hope that helps. Maybe others with more and better information will comment.

God bless,
John T.

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Jan 23 17 1:17 PM

Thanks for the input, folks. Ambert, that site you mention is the site that first got me wondering. I've also, since posting my query, read a few threads on The Miniatures Page on the subject and people have mentioned that all regiments having buff facings where issued ochre to rub into their straps to produce a natural leather colouring to match facings.
All very confusing this Napoleonic malarkey!!😱

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