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Feb 4 17 9:08 AM

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I would like to clarify how casualties are calculated for cavalry who gain a higher result than an infantry unit in square, but not by 7 or more which is required to break the square. Technically they have not lossed, but have failed to break the square. Likewise for the infantry, they have not really won, how are their casualties calculated?

Many thanks

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Feb 8 17 3:37 PM

Bonjour Landwehrfan,

Not particularly easy to see how casualties are calculated in this circumstance as not specifically stated but reckon as it's effectively treated as a draw and the cavalry are pushed back one applies the draw results from table 12.20 on page 124.

So this would mean that Losing/drawing cavalry vs foot inflict 1 casualty per 12 and the infantry being Losing/drawing infantry vs All also inflict 1 per 12 but NB only count HALF the number of infantry so it's really 1 per 24!



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Feb 8 17 10:35 PM

Number of Infantry that can cause casualties

What portion of the Infantry square can inflict the 1 in 24,can all the unit be counted towards this or just the side of the square facing the cavalry ie 1/4 of unit ? 

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Feb 9 17 7:32 AM


I've always included the whole infantry square without thinking about it too much until now and I think that it's right to do so as I imagine that the cavalry have enveloped all sides of the square , not just one face.



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Feb 9 17 7:54 AM


In many cases Cavalry tactics vs  square would be to attack more than one side simultaneously ie by a separate sub unit of the Cavalry force.
I feel that if a unit has to wrap around then it has failed already as its hope would be in the initial "punch" to the squares face,surely no such impetus could be achieved if that failed and certainly not by some cowboy and indian style of circling the wagons ?

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General de Division

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Feb 9 17 1:58 PM


See p122 the * = NB and p123 12.19.

If cavalry beat a square by a score of 1 to 6 then they are classed as being pushed-back, (i.e. lost).  The infantry square will remain formed and inflict casualties at the winning push-back rate, (1 per 8 reduced to 1 per 16 as infantry vs. cavalry.) The losing cavalry inflict casualties at their losing rate - 1 per 12.

So in most games where cavalry fail to break a square both sides will inflict about one casualty apiece and the cavalry will fall back in the next compulsory move phase.


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Mar 5 17 7:39 PM

But surely ........

I have NEVER attacked a square without my horse artillery in support.  Marvelous what a few rounds of cannister does. 

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