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Mar 6 17 8:47 AM

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Can anyone help me with a query that's been bouncing around this empty void inside my head for a while.
Namely the actual numbers of skirmishers that can be reasonably taken from a unit to create a screen eg We use 5 stands of 6 figures to represent a British line Infantry Btn(each stand approximates two coys)if you use just one stand for use it actually represents 20% of that unit !!
So what do you guys use to determine a fair % of figures being detached from units within the Brigade to help form a Brigade Skirmish Screen ?
Regards LRS   
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Mar 6 17 6:21 PM

Each of my British companies are four figures mounted individually. So, my light companies are also four figures, unless it is a very large battalion (over 40 figures) then they are five or six figures. The light company was one of ten companies so I try to reflect that reality...within reason. In the case of a 40 man battalion my four figure light companies are correct.

Even if the battalions are less than 40 figures, I still have four figure light and grenadier companies. This reflects the practice of British battalions giving priority manning to the flank companies over the line companies.

In your case, short of creating an additional four figure light company (suggest individually based figures); I think your only option is to use one of your five stands as a light company, albeit a very large in fact double in size company.

Cheers, RJS

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Mar 7 17 12:44 PM

40 man regiments are obviously easy, you can have two 4 man bases, which is a company each, and the rest on 8 man bases.
my 30 man regiments are on 6 man bases, and two 3 man bases. However, the 3 man bases are in "L" shapes, that fit together to look like a 6 man base.
If you remove the light company, one rank is a man longer than the other, but it still looks ok. Remember that sometimes the Grenadier company or even line companies were also used to bolster the skirmish line, so removing two companies isn't necessarily incorrect.

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Mar 7 17 5:42 PM

National skirmisher variations

How do you guys sort out skirmisher numbers for your Prussian/Russian/Austrians ?
I believe the Russians mainly relied on its jaeger btns rather than any rear rankers.
Prussians,like the Russians,relied on jaeger Btns but could,I believe,increase their numbers with 3rd rankers,
What I am really interested in is just how you guys decide what proportion of 3rd rankers is reasonable as they do not seem to be covered in the rules unlike Jaegers Btns,
Cheers LRS  

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Mar 7 17 7:48 PM

Two points:-

1) From about 1809 onwards, and during the Waterloo campaign, in battle each British brigade "converged" its light companies into an ad hoc battalion (including any attached rifle companies) under the command of a major, or senior captain. Nominally, these companies remained part of their parent battalion, including in camp, but in the presence of the enemy would lead the brigade's column of march and screen when they halted etc.  This unit's sole function was to act as the brigade's skirmisher screen.

2) Larger units would, after contributing their light company to this ad hoc battalion, form a second light company from the best shots of the centre companies (the Guards certainly did this, as did various Highland units); these men were sometimes referred to as "flanquers" or "marksmen" early on in the Napoleonic period - eg Maida. Also, see John C's post above about grenadiers being pulled into the mix. Whether this secondary light company ever fought with the brigade "light battalion" I'm not sure, but it would certainly justify an entire base (ie two companies) of skirmishers in units over, say, 800 strong.

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Mar 7 17 8:59 PM

longroadsouth wrote:
Prussians,like the Russians,relied on jaeger Btns but could,I believe,increase their numbers with 3rd rankers, 

Additionally for the Prussians ...

The later/reorganised Prussian Infantry Regiments were made up of 3 and a half battalions. (The half battalions were grenadiers and served seperately to the rest of the regiment so I'll say no more on them.)

Two of the battalions were Musketeers and the third were designated as Fusiliers. The Fusiliers were 'light' troops.

Besides the regular Jager and Schutzen battalions there were also the volunteer jager attachments.

von Peter himself

Scrutinise the bloggy barracks of von Peter himself at

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Mar 7 17 9:10 PM


I appreciate what you guys are saying but still unsure as to what numbers of 3rd rankers,if any, you allow to form/join a Brigade Skirmish Btn/unit ?
Cheers LRS

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