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Mar 16 17 4:18 PM

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Can anyone out there help me with OOBs for General/Marshal Suchets Army of Aragon ?
Plus need info for the Neapolitan/Italian units attached to the above.
Regards LRS
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General de Division

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Mar 20 17 9:33 AM

Oman has three divisions:

Frere = 1st Legere; 1st Vistual; 14th Line; 42nd Line.
Harispe = 7th Line; 16th Line; Italian 2nd Legere & 4th, 5th, 6th Line.
Habert = 5th Legere; 116th Line; 117th Line.
Abbe's Brigade = 114th; 115th; 121st Line.

Cavalry = 24th Dragoons, 13th Cuirassiers, 4th Hussars & Italian Dragoons de Napoleon.


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Mar 28 17 2:01 PM

Nafziger has several, such as this:

And this book was recently published (I'm reading it now):

Wellington's Eastern Front: The Campaign on the East Coast of Spain 1810-1814

My original 28mm armies were based on the Battle of Castalla, 13 Apr 1813. It was fun, with Brunswick Dragoons, the Troop of Foreign Hussars, Swiss, Sicilians, etc. on the Allied side, and French, Italians, Neapolitans on the other.



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