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Mar 21 17 6:47 AM

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Would someone just confirm what the rules say happens when a Square,in my case one that has just been formed prior to being charged by a heavy cavalry unit after passing a formation test,but then fails its pre contact morale test and had a Retreat move result,now as far as I know the square will retreat as any other formation but to me it seems to be not quite the same,any ideas or thoughts ?
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Mar 21 17 8:24 AM

Bonjour LRS,

They're retreating in good order as it was a morale test, not melee, so not unformed.

The infantry immediately retreat half a move.

If the cavalry catch them and a melee then takes place the infantry still count as a square and the cavalry need to win the melee by 7 of more to break it.

That's how I'd do it but happy to see what others think.



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