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Mar 30 17 6:53 PM

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Hi Everyone

Today we played Maida.  The British advanced with Engage Orders and the French also advanced with Engage orders.  When in muskey range the French stopped.  The Birtish slowly kept coming on (in the same old way) and the French fell back to form a new defensive line.

Is a new 'fall back/retire' order required?

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Mar 31 17 1:01 AM

I don't have the rules to hand, but I would have thought so. "Engage" as an order requires you to advance (a number of units) to contact. Dancing out of the way while firing hardly seems in the spirit of "Engage", while you can fire while doing other things.


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Mar 31 17 4:36 PM

Fall Back

 Page 56 my own interpretation would be that the  French would have to throw to change their Engage orders to issue orders that would allow them to voluntarily retire ie Fall Back as Engage Orders are used to bring you to within charge distance or Musketry range where you must remain until change of orders/Morale forces retirement.

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