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Apr 7 17 8:36 AM

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Hello all,

​I've been in Vienna recently and have written a couple of posts on my blog about visits to the museums at Aspern and Essling and the Austrian Army Museum.

​They can be found here for Aspern and Essling:

Army Museum here:

​Enjoy (hopefully!)
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General de Division

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Apr 7 17 4:54 PM


Nice write up. Typically the museum was closed when I was there, so we bravely walked from Aspen to Essling - one appreciates the distance!

The Granary definitely lives up to its reputation as a stronghold!


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Apr 7 17 6:00 PM

Cheers Dave.

At least there weren't any hills on your walk but as you say still a bit of a schlepp. I'll definitely go to Wagram next time, apparently the Museum is a bit better and you get a better feel for the terrain (apart from the flatness).

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Apr 9 17 9:46 AM


Unfortunately, it is all disappearing under building now, so see it before it goes. I did walk from Deutsch Wagram to Baumersdorf, which gives you an idea of the size of the battlefield and you can still get an appreciation of the defensive positions in Baumersdorf  plus imagine the sight of the French coming across the fields. The ridge has been ploughed down and the road runs halfway up it, but you geta  good diea of how it was all set up. The Museum at DW is better.  

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