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Apr 14 17 9:13 AM

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Do infantry in double lines fire at half effect? Seems sensible but can't find a reference yo it in the rules?

Thanks in advance.
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Apr 14 17 10:58 PM

Thanks Dave and another fire combat query. The modifier for large regiments is +2CD, does this mean you roll 4CD's at once or you roll 2CD's twice?

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General de Division

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Apr 15 17 8:29 AM


If I understand you right use this example: a large regiment would fire rolling its normal fire 2D6 roll, (say you roll a score of 7 and with no other modifiers applying such as moved or unformed, this causes 2 casualties), then added to this total are the two extra Casualty Dice for being a large regiment, (say you roll a 3 and a 5, so one extra casualty for the 5 result), this gives a total of three casualties caused.

See p54 point 10 & p55 Infantry Firing Procedure.

Hope that helps.


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Apr 15 17 9:42 AM

Thanks David, you have answered my question which is basically that large regiments gets 2 x 2CD vs 1 x 2CD for normal or smaller regiments. Seems a fairly large bonus given that a normal regiment with 6 bases is at a distinct disadvantage versus a regiment with 7 bases.

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