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Apr 27 17 11:27 PM

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Am loving the game generated by the PC rules !! Having played 4 full games now, some recuring questions are coming up - this batch is about skirmish firing:

A skirmishing unit can split its fire across any targets in range and arc as per page 64, pt.4.

1. Does each individual base have an arc of 45 degrees or does the arc apply to the whole firing unit ?

2. If a skirmishing unit splits its fire, do the skirmish fire CD modifiers apply separately to each target ?

3. Or do those CD modifiers apply in total to the firing unit and then the firing player allocates any remaining dice across the available targets ?

Two situations especially highlight the questions above:

a) an elite small 4-base unit skirmishing and armed with breechloaders split its skirmish fire across 4 targets. Using 2. above, gives 3 CD per target; whereas using 3. above, gives 6 CD in total to split across the 4 targets.

b) in the same game, a green small 4-base unit of unformed skirmishing mounted cavalry was shooting at 3 skirmishing targets. Under 2. above it gets 1 CD per target; whereas under 3. above it gets just 1 CD in total. (1 CD being the minimum.)

Many thanks !

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Apr 27 17 11:31 PM

Oops, 1 more skirmish fire question:

Does a skirmish fire target that is skirmishing and in cover result in -1 CD or -2 CD ? (For volley fire, a skirmishing target in cover applies both for a total -3.)

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May 1 17 9:11 AM


1.  Technically its the unit fire arc.

2. Calculate the CD total for the skirmisher unit as a whole, not individual companies, etc. The apply the CD modifiers in total and then allocate remaining CDs to your targets. So its best to concentrate fire upon one target.

3. Its skirmisher or in cover, not both. (It's assumed skirmishers are always taking cover of sorts.) So skirmishers in cover are still just -1CD. (Though you may wish to alter this for those odd occasions where you have skirmishers in something like heavy works.)


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