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Apr 28 17 12:59 AM

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Dismounted cavalry can only remount when within 5cm of their horseholders (page 49).

1. Can the horseholders move ? Or are they placed at the time of dismounting and remain immobile ?

2. If dismounted cavalry are skirmishing and evade a charge, do they automatically remount as they evade within 5cm their horseholders (assuming they had moved more than 5cm away from their horseholders while skirmishing) ? 

3. Are the horseholders lost if contacted by enemy ?

Sorry - I'm sure this isn't a major feature of most folk's games, but my cavalry spends a lot of time dismounted and skirmishing in terrain.
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General de Division

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Apr 28 17 12:47 PM


Don't worry about asking questions - that's what the forum is for! Thumbsup

1. See p20 - Cavalry Formations. The horse-holders can either advance with the regiment or be left in a static position.

2. See p49 - Cavalry mount/dismount - this is classed as a formation change which cannot be done when evading. Your horse holders will evade with your dismounted troopers, if they need to avoid a charge.

3. Good point - yes - I would classed them as driven off and removed from play. Though they can still evade, as per 2 above.

Glad you have cavalry in your games, especially as mine normally gallops up, getting shot to pieces and them dismounts!!smiley: ohwell


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Apr 28 17 8:59 PM

Many many thanks for all the answers :-) !!

In the first couple of games the cavalry rode up, got shot to pieces and dismounted ... just like your own experiences.

Latterly, the cavalry rush forward and dismount into terrain. On a flank, this serves to grab a goodly chunk on table depth for the off-table reserve Brigade coming on to relieve the (by then) beleaguered cavalry. Once driven away, the cavalry then serve to act as a threat in being - including charging enemy to buy time for other units to recover.

All this assumes, of course, that all the differing Brigades obey orders and that you actually get the initiative from time to time :-) !!

Last game, a cavalry unit went from 2 casualties to dispersed in a single charge ! They sure are vulnerable. 

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