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Apr 28 17 1:29 AM

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Last one :-) ... 

Situation: a Brigade has a unit dispersed and becomes Faltering. The dispersal of the unit also leaves the Brigade as Tuckered Out. In its next turn, the Brigade gets a 4 for its command roll. As a Tuckered Out Brigade it is not obeying orders.

Does the Brigade now roll a new D6 score to reference on the Faltering Brigade table ? Or does it keep its score of 4 and reference the Faltering Brigade table ?

We're only confused because the opening sentence of the section on page 32 says "its situation for the turn is determined by its individual command roll" implying that the original score is kept. (In our game, the Brigade was an elite one so its command roll of 4 would have been "obey orders" on the Faltering Brigade table.)

Many thanks for your patience with all the questions. PC makes for such a good game, so just trying to resolve a whole gamut of queries !

Thank you !!

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General de Division

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Apr 28 17 12:38 PM


You have it right - a brigade will only make one command roll.

If its faltering its that command roll that is used against the Faltering brigade table. (Remember that all brigades, once Tuckered Out ignore their majority troop grading, such as elite, and will simply test as a Tuckered Out brigade.)

So always best to have a Staff Officer on brigade attachment as well!!


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