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May 15 17 8:23 AM

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Hi guys,
in the our local club we are playing 2 battles with GdB (Alexandria 1799 and match 2 of Talavera 1809).
I have a question for you:
What if a brigade breaks while a unit in melee versus buildings gets a Draw-Stubborn Fellows result?
Does the unit continue to fight in the next turn or it retires in following compulsory movement?
We continued the melee in the next turn, then, even if the unit won the fight, it was retired in the compulsory phase of the subsequent turn.
What do you think?
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May 16 17 8:05 AM

Hi, Gio
I am not an expertt but I would say that brigade morale results overrides and prevails above the status and morale of individual units. Therefore a unit in melee under a draw result should disengage and fall back with the rest of the brigade on the compulsory movement phase following the brigade morale test.

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