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Jun 14 17 9:31 AM

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Just read your reply to a question on charges and it lead to me asking this question.

My French unit is in line with a column to its imidiate left and one French column directly behind the line.

My French line was charged by a Russian column and the firing was not effective enough to stop the charge and I used both units for my 're roled in support but couldn't beat the Russian dice role.

So my French line retreated and my supports retired.

Now after reading your reply I feel I may have done this wrong.

My French brigade were not on assault orders and were the ones receiving the charge. So should my supports have retired or should they have stood ??

Long winded question but you always give the help needed 😀
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General de Division

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Jun 14 17 9:43 AM


I'm not sure which thread you refer to, but on the face of it I think you got it right.

Your battalions were defending and the lead unit lost with a retreat result, thus any supports do retire. (See point 11. p49.)


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